Kaitlyn’s Cronies 2nd Annual Art Auction

F450F7D6-E57D-48A0-AD81-25D3D6416380From April 1st to April 15 there an auction was held on Kaitlyn’s Cronies Facebook page. As many of you  know Kaitlyn my 11yr old g’girl has Crohn’s Disease. With all of her family joing together, willing to do whatever it takes to have a part of findind a cure, not only for this sweet girl but for the 100,00 of people this affected, many of them children. This was a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Cure for IBD- Crohn’s & Colitis Research Foundation, a not profit organization where 100% of all donations taken in go directly to research. Last years auction took in around $500.00 which was awesome especially for the first year. This year the donations for the auction were incredible, having 185 items to bid on. My daughter and my g’girl worked incredibly hard on making this auction a huge success. It paid off, Kaitlyn’s Cronies raised a total of $2175.00! How fabulous is that? Every dollar puts us one step closer to finding the cure. A huge thank you to all!

Metalsmithing 101

metalsmith toolsAbout a year ago I took a metalsmithing course. I learned the basics, sawing, hammering, soldering, torch etc. after my class I purchased some metalsmith supplies and started sawing, hammering and soldering. At first I sucked at soldering and became a bit frustrated. the last couple of months I began just playing with odds and ends of wire and sheet just having fun and as they say it takes practice. I started recognizing the stages heated metal goes through, my instructor had talked about, how the solder flows. I needed to recognize these stages and it became easier. I am proud to say I am the owner of many new sterling silver rings.

I have been making rings, bracelets and earrings from sterling silver to sell this summer. I am starting to combine my metal stamping on some of my metalsmith pieces. Can’t wait to start selling them.

Spring,Summah Where are You?

cruise shipOk so today is a rainy icky day, in Maine. I can’t help but dream of warm sunny summer days, sitting on the edge of the Atlantic meeting fabulous people, chatting and selling Glam Girls Pretties jewelry.

This summer my thought is to work smarter not harder. (a friend of mine says that all the time) Last year I did shows through the summer, I did a few farmer markets and some cruise ships. I didn’t get to see much summer. This year the plan is to focus more on the Portland Market. Even days when cruise ships aren’t in.


I remember the first year, I did the cruise ships, I would set my display up on Thurs and Friday and always did very well. I am going back to that. I have not signed up to do many shows until late fall after the cruise ship season is over.

I bought a small canopy the size they let artisans use when displaying at the Waterfront Marketplace. That will make it a lot easier to set up and not have to worry if a shower will roll through. My display will be protected inside my new pink canopy.

So today I am dreaming of the sea and of the people that visit us this summah!!

Kaitlyn’s Cronies 2nd Annual Auction

A few of my creations that will be in the auction!

My 11 year old G’girl has Crohn’s Disease. Help us raise money to find a cure.

We hope you have your bidding fingers ready!! The 2nd Annual Kaitlyn’s Cronies Art Auction starts right here on Facebook this Sunday April 1st and goes through April 15th. We are blown away with all the generous donations and we have so many amazing items that we know you are going to love.
We thought now would be a good time to tell you where all the money raised will go. 100% of the proceeds raised from the auction will go to CURE for IBD – Crohn’s & Colitis Research Foundation. Cure for IBD’s mission is to raise funds for research towards new therapies and cures for Crohn’s disease and Ulerative Colitis. Cure for IBD is completely volunteer-run meaning ALL money raised goes to research and not administrative fees etc. Since 2016 Cure for IBD has raised over $500,000 with the goal of hitting 1 million this year. Every dollar helps us come closer to that goal AND a cure. We appreciate your continued support with our fundraising efforts as we must continue to push on and fight until a cure is found.

Etsy Shop Sale; March 22 – 29




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Crohn’s Awareness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today is once again Crohn’s Awareness Wednesday. I am passionate about finding the cure for my 11 year old G’girl who suffers with Crohn’s, as well as the 100,000 of others who suffer. Glam Girls Pretties is happy to be supporting the Nonprofit Cure for IBD, Crohn’s and Colitis Research Foundation for the year 2018. Any purchase in my Etsy Shop anportion is donated! Thank you so much for your support! #crohns #crohnsdisease #crohnswarrior #colitis #ibd #ibdawareness #ibdwarrior #colitiswarrior #CUREFORIBD-crohns&colitisresearchfoundationfoundation #support #stoma #ileostomy #etsy #etsyseller #etsyshop #autoimmunedisease9D1BB6DF-11F6-4B83-A37C-51BC001DE5E7


This is a person after having an ileostomy in which a loop of the small intestine is brought through a small incision to the outside of the skin!




These are Ostomy bags that fit around the Stoma they are adhered to the skin.



This in a person wearing an ostomy bag to collect waste outside their body.


Gifts for the Parents of the Bride and Groom

So Much Green!!


Customers, New and Old

AB1A875A-F755-4580-AB62-C79E684E66A0It thrills my heart when I get an order, but an order from a previous customer makes my heart do the wave!! Even though I know my pieces are worthy, and wear well, to see repeat customers is a great ego booster. Today I shipped 6 Graduation Key Chains to a previous customer. It is my customers that keep my little business going. Thank you to every one. I am blessed!

Long Time!

long-time-no-postHello Pretties,

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted on this Blog. I am terribly sorry for being such a slug. I do value my blog readers and their comments. Today, to start I have spent the morning sprucing up my site.

Life has been very busy, but without my friends and customers my creativity would not matter.

Here in Maine I was thinking we were headed towards spring, only to be pummeled by three Nor’easters in the past couple of weeks and another possibly next week.

I was/am so looking forward to Spring, sunshine, the beaches, farrmer’s markets, cruise ships, selling outside, and meeting people,sounds so wonderful right now.