A Bit Soggy, with Webbed Feet

imageYesterday I went into Portland at the crack of dawn to sell my pretties to passengers on the cruise ships, the 1st ship scheduled to dock at 8am, there we two that were coming in. When I arrived into the waterfront to set up it was so foggy that when the 1st. ship arrived the only way we knew it was berthing was because of its many, many, many horn blasts, because of the low visibility, I am sure. The 1st ship could not even be seen, it was crazy foggy, by the time the 2nd ship arrived it was getting a bit better. But at least it wasn’t raining and there we loads of people between the two ships, as well as the Cat, with the promise of a stellar day. But that wasn’t to be, as the day progressed the rain kept taunting, with heavier rain at times. Even with my umbrella over my table I was still concerned about my pretties, eventually having to cover my table with a tarp for quite awhile. But I stuck it out and in the end had an ok day sales wise, and a great day socially, I love meeting and chatting with all the people. I am looking forward to a big weekend with ships arriving both Saturday and Sunday!!

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