Kaitlyn’s Cronies 2nd Annual Auction

A few of my creations that will be in the auction!

My 11 year old G’girl has Crohn’s Disease. Help us raise money to find a cure.

We hope you have your bidding fingers ready!! The 2nd Annual Kaitlyn’s Cronies Art Auction starts right here on Facebook this Sunday April 1st and goes through April 15th. We are blown away with all the generous donations and we have so many amazing items that we know you are going to love.
We thought now would be a good time to tell you where all the money raised will go. 100% of the proceeds raised from the auction will go to CURE for IBD – Crohn’s & Colitis Research Foundation. Cure for IBD’s mission is to raise funds for research towards new therapies and cures for Crohn’s disease and Ulerative Colitis. Cure for IBD is completely volunteer-run meaning ALL money raised goes to research and not administrative fees etc. Since 2016 Cure for IBD has raised over $500,000 with the goal of hitting 1 million this year. Every dollar helps us come closer to that goal AND a cure. We appreciate your continued support with our fundraising efforts as we must continue to push on and fight until a cure is found.

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