Community Caring


000_0821I love my community. I love doing things in the community that raise people up, even though it maybe a small insignificant gesture on my part.

Closest to me heart: donating a % of my earnings to IBD for a Cure, Crohn’s & Colitis Research Foundation (for my 11yr old) Grandgirl who suffers with Crohn’s Disease and the 100,000’s of others inflicted with an IBD, Crohn’s or Colitis. Giving 100% of sales of My Love Needs a Cure keychain I created in honor of my sweet 11 year old G’girl who suffers with Chron’s Disease.

Pay-it-forward: Smile Key Chains- leaving them around Portland for people to find.

Supporting Events: creating pieces for events, auctions, fund raisers, raffles

Encouraging People: Reaching out to people who are ill, sending a warrior piece, or stronger than cancer piece, depending on the illness

People who are grieving : who have suffered loss, creating a memorial piece for them.

Supporting People in general: Reaching out to people to inspire them, giving different pieces! Believe you can, Rise up, Be the Change

Give-a-ways: I love having these!