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Hi I Am Gail DiBiase and I am here to support you as you start your business, build your business, or succeed at your Etsy shop or business.

Contact me today First talk is free, all chats after are donation only, no set fees. I will have a donate button available soon.

My Story:

If you are considering starting or currently running an Etsy Shop. I myself run a successful Etsy Shop. I can help you.

I understand that you are all excited to be opening an Etsy Shop, and you should be!  But, there is much more to opening a shop, and being successful, than many people think. I myself used to be one of those people. When I first opened my shop,  I knew very little about running an Etsy Shop.  Obviously it seemed daunting to me when I was first setting my shop up, it use to take me so long to list one piece of Jewelry, with title, pictures, descriptions, pricing, tags, shipping etc. and as I look back I have to laugh. When I first started little did I know what a grand adventure I would have?  At first I listed some items and sat back and I waited, and waited, and waited. You get the picture!

In my life before Etsy,  I had worn many different hats and titles, everything from Retail, CEO admin, Business owner, Assistant Manager, Customer Service, and Sales.

Looking back I can now definitely see all the valuable skills each different position allowed me to gain.

Before Etsy,  I was employed by a credit card co. and was a One Call Resolution Specialist, it was a stressful position and I wanted to leave to pursue something I loved doing, life coaching, my desire was to help people in life.

So one day in Nov 2011, it had been a very tough day and I just decided to give my 2 week notice. I do not recommend that however. We had a couple of rough years.

However since I no longer had a regular full time job, I knew I must be diligent with my Etsy shop, I still needed to bring in money.  I began running it like a small business, I read everything I could to help my shop be successful, I learned about key words, titles, descriptions, and the list went on and on. I was determined and I would research anything I was unsure about.  Of Course there were those days where I just wanted to give up. I would list a new item/s and maybe get 2 views. Discouraging yes, but I kept thinking people are making their living on Etsy and so can I!

So nevertheless I persisted, and I found better ways to do what I needed to do, better photography, better descriptions, key words, tags,  titles, etc.

My little Etsy shop slowly began to take flight in late 2013, soon I was earning a great 2nd income for our family and I never looked back. I just keep moving forward!

Oh how I wish that I had a coach or mentor to lean on for support and to point me in the right direction. I learned by doing and it was either a win or an epic fail. More fails than wins at times.

During this time period I was studying to be a Certified Professional Coach. I graduated right about the same time my Etsy Shop got busy. So I put my coaching career on the back burner at that time. Always knowing I would get back to coaching at some point. I am now coaching again and I love it. I love supporting and encouraging people to shoot for the moon, after all the worst that could happen is to land among the stars.

So here I am, here to support You, by answering questions, about the things you are wondering about. Helping you to avoid mistakes I made and to support and encourage you. Anything worth having takes work, but my journey has been so worth it and yours will be too!

I am a professional coach, who will help you with your Etsy shop. You can count on me to the listen and help you make sense of it all. I will not tell you what to do, but we will have a conversation/s that will get us talking, and thinking of ways to work on the issue or issues you face. I would love to help you!