A Sweet Message



I received this message after I had sent her a confirmation of her order! It’s these small moments we need to celebrate, to smile and delight in them. I wrote her back letting her know that I was thrilled to have a small part in her story.


A Bit Soggy, with Webbed Feet

imageYesterday I went into Portland at the crack of dawn to sell my pretties to passengers on the cruise ships, the 1st ship scheduled to dock at 8am, there we two that were coming in. When I arrived into the waterfront to set up it was so foggy that when the 1st. ship arrived the only way we knew it was berthing was because of its many, many, many horn blasts, because of the low visibility, I am sure. The 1st ship could not even be seen, it was crazy foggy, by the time the 2nd ship arrived it was getting a bit better. But at least it wasn’t raining and there we loads of people between the two ships, as well as the Cat, with the promise of a stellar day. But that wasn’t to be, as the day progressed the rain kept taunting, with heavier rain at times. Even with my umbrella over my table I was still concerned about my pretties, eventually having to cover my table with a tarp for quite awhile. But I stuck it out and in the end had an ok day sales wise, and a great day socially, I love meeting and chatting with all the people. I am looking forward to a big weekend with ships arriving both Saturday and Sunday!!

Reasons Everywhere ….

As most of you know I am a Brand Ambassador for a global community called Flex Your Face, who’s mission is to celebrate the moments in our day, that make us smile. Now a days it seems I am so aware of the small moments in my day and love all the smiles I find. image


This past weekend there were so many but a couple that really stand out in my mind. We went to the First Friday Art Walk, I took my g’ girl which totally made me smile, while at the art walk I got to meet a young guy named Miles, I wore one of my Flex Your Face shirts, I was looking at all the tables and the interesting things for sale, when I hear someone say Flex Your Face, I start chatting with this guy, who come to find out is one of our Professors at Flex Your Face university. What an awesome individual so excited about Flex Your Face, def made me smile, to many just a small simple moment.

My second smile from the art walk was seeing this bongo player who usually is playing somewhere in the city for donations or tips, I have chatted with him on numerous occasions. We were passing a couple of your people playing and singing and people were dropping dollars and change into their guitar case. As we were passing I noticed the bongo guy who also plays for tips, walk up an drop in a donation, this person who appears to have so little gave so much. Wow that small moment was incredible, it was so heart warming!! If you look you will see that The world is full of reasons to Flex Your Face!

Sunday, Sunday

What a fab day selling my pretties down by the sea shore!


First Friday Art Walk

SOOOOOO Excited! I am thrilled to be going to the Art Walk in Portland tonight and even more thrilled to be taking my fabulous grandgirl with me.



I can’t remember ever taking her before, we have gone to the children’s museum but not the art walk itself. Kaitlyn has grown to be quite an artist herself, so I know she will love it! We’re having a slumber party tonight!




imageYesterday I was so excited to sit by the bay with my Maine creations and welcome cruise ship passengers to Maine. The cruise ship was huge! I had an amazing day meeting and chatting to a melting pot of sweet humans. At the end of my long day I was still smiling!

My Customers, Sweet Words

I received this kind review and picture from one of my customers and just wanted to share it!

I only created the two round key chains, obviously they added them to their existing key rings.

key chain


⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
Omg she’s amazing, she made them just to my specifications with our names on the back. And got them with great timing. Both my wife and I loved them. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

Cruise Ships on the Horizon

I am so excited to sit down by the bay selling my Maine creations. The cruise ships will be getting larger as we head into fall. On Sunday 8/28 a cruise ship with 5000 passengers, plus crew, will be docking at Ocean Gateway. How incredible that not only do I imageget to sell my Maine creations, I also get to meet so many people. I will be a happy smiling face that represents Maine, gotta do Maine and Portland proud! Besides I love being the unofficial welcoming committee!

If you are out and about come see me!

Glam Girls Pretties and Flex Your Face

Glam Girls Pretties is excited to be a part of the Flex Your Face community. I am currently creating Flex Your Face key chains. They can be purchased in my Etsy shop @ glamgirlspretties

flex your face

Keep your eyes open Portland, Maine, there will be Flex Your Face keychains left all around the city for you to find, see if you can find one. If not they are available in my Etsy shop.


Flex Your Face

Flex your face is a Global Community celebrating the small moments in our day that make us smile.


This group was founded by Ryan Espberg, It was only when he worked through some personal darkness in his life that the birth of Flex Your Face was initiated. When he simplified his life and got back to the root of what made him happy, his days got better. He lives and breathes positivity, and passes on that belief to the Flex Your Face community. With the unending goal to inspire through simplicity he is excited to grow and empower the Flex Your Face team every single day. As he says, Ducks Fly Together.

Check out Flex Your Face on  Face Book!

Every Morning at 7AM Ryan or another member of the Flex Team gives a Flex Talk which consists of a short live video meant to get our day started with a health dose of positive energy! As Ryan puts it, He will shoot you out of a cannon!

Check it out! Better yet join the community!

Special gift from Bride


Custom order I created for a bride to give her mom!