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Cruise Ships on the Horizon

I am so excited to sit down by the bay selling my Maine creations. The cruise ships will be getting larger as we head into fall. On Sunday 8/28 a cruise ship with 5000 passengers, plus crew, will be docking at Ocean Gateway. How incredible that not only do I imageget to sell my Maine creations, I also get to meet so many people. I will be a happy smiling face that represents Maine, gotta do Maine and Portland proud! Besides I love being the unofficial welcoming committee!

If you are out and about come see me!

I’ve been Pondering

As most of you are well aware of I have a lucious jewelry and accessory shop at ETSY:https://www.etsy.com/shop/glamgirlspretties

It seems alot has been going on at Etsy and many of the shop owners are in a stir. Etsy use to be very paticular as far as what types of creations were considered handmade. Recently Etsy has declared that a shop whom buys already made items and just assembles them can be listed as handmade, and may even mass produce at a manufacturing facility and still be considered handmade.

As I pondered this at first I guess I was a bit angry and somewhat frustrated, my products are totally hand made, I cut and sand metal, punch holes, stamp one hammer wack at a time, string beads, make my own jump rings and clasps etc, and assemble.

I have come to the conclusion that buyers are intelligent and know a mass produced item when they see one.

I am damn proud of my creations and have always loved giving sentimental gifts myself and am thrilled to create gifts that can end up as a keepsake of a special occassion or even an heirloom. I believe in my creations sell-ability. Also knowing the buyers on Etsy who truely want unique handmade items will find handmade.

My shop on Etsy is all about “Creating afordable jewelry and accessories for todays woman and the people she adores”.


Something new and exciting

I adore designing and creating chunky double strand beaded charm jewelry, I also have a love of hand stamp jewelry so my next logical creation was blending the two which I have done and am extremely excited with the results.

First I created a taffy coffee and white colored one which I love, love,love love it is gorgeous and I can picture it on a beautiful brides arm. It is hand stamped true love, and has a huge bead ball, 1″ crystal and multiple bead charms dangling here and there. A second row of antique silver roses

The second bracelet is purple crystal and white and is also a chunky double strand charm bracelet. It is hand stamped special mom and also has oodles of beads sparkling! What a special way to show mom how special she is and what an awesome heirloom or keepsake.

These bracelets are a bit more challenging but I find them to be fabulous  pieces where I can really let my creativity loose.


Hand stamped and personalized Jewelry

As I said in an earlier post I have decided to get back into my hand stamped jewelry that I first started with on Etsy. I love the whole process creating something from a piece of metal, a stamp and a hammer.

I have a number of my new creations in my Etsy shop. I also am going to be doing personalized jewelry creations. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone whether its a partner, family or friend I can create a unique gift just for them, I also have many already stamped pieces in my Etsy shop.

For my silver jewelry I use only high quality 1100 grade pure aluminum 14 gauge food grade aluminum which is even gentler on your skin than sterling silver. This aluminum will never tarnish or rust and is a viable, less expensive answer to expensive sterling silver jewelry.

Because I personally create each piece myself one hammer whack at a time you are guaranteed a one of a kind unique piece every time.

Within the next week or two I will be creating silver necklaces as well.




Fashion Week Paris NYC and Milan

I always follow the fashion world, focusing mostly on accessories, finding many times that jewelry or other accessories can bring a blah outfit to life for the next season.

So I adore fashion shows, Paris, NYC and Milan, It is a dream to go to one someday. I love the over the top creations that are art, that the designers put on their models. Of course many of the items are so crazy we would never wear them, well Lady Gaga or nicki minaj might.

But seriously much can be gleamed from what is showing up on the runways, if you look at the jewelry that’s on the runway you will see that big bold jewelry, cuffs, beads, cluster will still be popular, our big and bold most likely will not be as large and edgy but it gives us an idea of the styles for winter and spring.

Also a huge trend is layering jewelry. I am excited that I am on trend with my chunky big bracelets as well as charm bracelets which can be layered. I am very excited because this winter and into Spring 2013, wearing multiple bracelets will be very big. So I guess you know who will be fashionable and rocking that trend.

Here is a pix of me with many of my bracelets stacked and layered. I do think it is a very trendy and cool look.

One with Three layered bracelets and one with five. Because many of my charm bracelets and bracelets are multi strand even two or three make layers. Don’t be afraid to use some you already own  to mix with any new bracelets you decide to purchase. Mixing multi media jewelry is a big “do” gold,silver copper,cloth,antique brass. So check that box under your bed for jewelry you can mix in this season. Re purpose it in a layered fashion piece you create, just keep layering.




Addicted to girly pink


As anyone can tell you who knows me I am a girly girl, I love girly things. Whether its a ruffle or a top or girly jewelry or even shabby chic home decor, it doesn’t much matter, my eyes see something girly and my heart does a flip flop. I believe my love of all things girlie started when I was about 4 yrs old, at least that’s the first I remember.

I remember going to my sisters graduation my blonde hair in ringlets, all dressed up in a white organza dress with red flocked polka dots and a wide velvet ribbon at the waist and tied in a big bow it the back. I also remember black shoes and white ruffly socks.

Next I remember my oldest brother coming home on leave from the army and bringing with him his gorgeous German bride. I can remember sitting and watching in awe as she precisely applied her makeup and eye liner, mascara and just the right amount of lipstick. I remember her putting a bit on my lips and how special it made me feel as a little girl.

Thru the years I just kept loving things that made me feel girlie, jewelry in particular and by the looks of the last 6 bracelets I have designed I would say with the amount of pink in them I still love girly. Pink to me represents girlie!

I promise I am going to move on to another color real soon.

Dazzled and Bejeweled

I believe I am the “Princess” of all things glitzy! If something sparkles or shimmers, I am drawn to it like an old crow. I believe a person needs to be true to themselves and if its glitz you love than its glitz it should be.

Why not, do we really care if someone thinks?

One time I was at a club and a guy said to me “wow you like your jewelry don’t you”? My reply “Absolutely”! I am still not sure if it was a compliment or an insult? But didn’t really care.

I have been know to wear a watch that no longer runs simply because its pretty. If a person asks me the time, I simply say, ” oh I don’t know, my watch doesn’t work. But its pretty isn’t it”

So I guess my post is about my love for baubbles, sparkle,glitz and glimmer.

I sometimes watch the Emmys or Grammys and see all the rich and famous stars with their multi million dollar sparkles and think how pretty they are, and how much fun these girls must have playing real life dress up.

So my goal is to become the glitz and glam creator with my jewelry that can actually be afforded by everyday ladies.  Who says it has to be a Harry Winston or Cartier? Yes Harry Winston is know as Jeweler to the stars.

Maybe Gail DiBiase, of Glam Girls Pretties will eventually be known as the jeweler to the real ladies, who are students, employees, moms, wife’s, grandmom’s from all walks of life, who like it to be all about them sometimes. Jewelry that the everyday woman can afford.

Who says glam and glitz jewels have to be reserved for the starlets on the red carpet, or that they have to cost a small fortune.

I love the jewelry I create, it is bold, glizy and glam somewhat like me, I think.

I am going to a comedy show tonight and I will be rocking one of my charm bracelets, and having fun.

So why not get your Glamgirlspretties on ?

I want to be the “Harry Winston” for Real Ladies!


Unique Charm Bracelets

As I have said before I love charm jewelry. But it seems the chunky bead bursting charm bracelets have not only caught my attention but my heart as well. I love designing unique pieces coordinating the beads with the charm

If you have an adventures style and spirit then you, like me, do not want to wear a piece of jewelry just like everyone else is wearing? I sure don’t. So I guess it comes natural for me to create these bodacious one of a kind bracelets, and jewels. I am very unique myself and have always walked to the beat of my own bongos, so to speak. Never really giving much thought to what my style and tastes were, just choosing different fashion items that I just feel are me.

I will admit I love bold unique jewelry and my creative side is invested wholly heart and soul when I am creating a piece, I love the creative process. I feel jewelry can cause a person to smile, and that is my main goal as I create, to cause a smile or a moment of happy.

I have experienced it myself  when wearing a piece or sassie jewelry just hearing the jingle jangle of a bold charm bracelet or even bangles gives my heart delight and causes my soul a smile.

Check out my bracelets and other glam jewels at: