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Cruise Ships on the Horizon

I am so excited to sit down by the bay selling my Maine creations. The cruise ships will be getting larger as we head into fall. On Sunday 8/28 a cruise ship with 5000 passengers, plus crew, will be docking at Ocean Gateway. How incredible that not only do I imageget to sell my Maine creations, I also get to meet so many people. I will be a happy smiling face that represents Maine, gotta do Maine and Portland proud! Besides I love being the unofficial welcoming committee!

If you are out and about come see me!

It Makes My Heart Smile!

I received this message from one of my customers yesterday. To think something I made could be so meaningful, makes my heart smile that I am contributing in a small positive way.


Customer: Placed an order for Soulmates Necklaces with this message attached.

I have ordered these previously but unfortunately lost them when my house burned down in July. My man and I wore these everyday and I’m going to surprise him for his birthday with another one :) Thank you for making such unique and meaningful art :)


I am so sorry to hear about your fire. How touching that they meant that much to you both.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. They meant so much and we were so bummed that they didn’t survive and I just haven’t had a chance to reorder them with all the madness! But thank you again so much for the beautiful jewelery! I can’t wait for them to arrive :)


Treasured Memory Charm Jewelry

Do you have a trinket or jewelry box full of items that you never wear, but that are of sentimental value to you either because of how you  received it or because who you received them from and you know you would never toss them out?

I am sure you do I know I did, I happened to be looking through my treasure box of jewelry items,  and I came across a ring I loved, it was the engagement ring, Frankie purchase for me from an estate, after he asked me to marry him. It is a gorgeous princess ring with stones all around the band I had it no time and a stone fell out,  I took it to get it put back in, which they did, but the jeweler then gave me some bad news, the ring should only be worn on special occasions as it was very fragile,  but it was my princess engagement ring and I loved it! I hadn’t thought about it in awhile but now there it was in all its sparkling glory blinking up at me, it made me cry.


It got me thinking and I decided to design a charm treasured memory necklace using my beloved ring and other trinkets and charms. I made it in hot pink, cream and champagne. It came out beautiful and my ring now has a special place front and center on my necklace. My necklace also has other beloved charms such as a heart that says mom, a prayer box charm and a  crystal heart from my daughter, a shell from my beach wedding necklace, a beautiful crystal brooch I loved but could not wear because it was broken, my graduation charms that were from my parents, scissor charm from when I got my state cosmetology license, and a few other little charms, a little dog, a pony, and a good luck charm. Check it out in my Etsy Shop

After creating my own memory necklace  have posted it on ETSY as a model.  I now am taking orders in my Etsy Shop.

My 2nd Treasures necklace I created for my mother in law.

Here is a pix of the jewels she gave me for her necklace and the finished piece below

I love when I am presented with these beloved charms, trinkets and treasures it allows me to use my creativity as I design a unique piece just for them.

The gift of precious jewelry

I love charms; charm bracelets, charm necklaces, I love the jingle jangle they make. That alone makes me smile. Many years ago I use to have a gold charm holder and on it were many charms. My charm holder broke and my charms lay lifeless in the bottom of my jewelry box for a few years.  A year or so ago I was looking for something in my jewelry box and caught a glimpse of all my charms.  I decided to purchase a new charm holder,  after all, my charms were worthy of a special place to call home, and I was excited to be able to wear them  once again. So my quest began to find the perfect charm holder. I saw many different kinds but not really what I was searching for. I wanted a unique pearl necklace charm holder and could not find one anywhere.  Silly me why buy when I could create one. So that I did, I created a pearl necklace with a handmade wire charm holder and I love it.

In my post a couple of days ago I wrote about jewelry and the fact that many times jewelry is the perfect gift to give for many occasions. Most women and even some men have an ample amount of jewelry, I know I do, however,  I can honestly say that I treasure some of  my pieces more than others,  depending on the giver and the occasion on which it was given. My charms on my charm holder mean the world to me, some pieces given to me as gifts from my daughter, a small silver heart that says mom given to me when she was a teen and a 3 diamond pendant given to me by my daughter and son-in-law one mother’s day. A heart with tiny diamonds and horns and a tail given to me by my hubs on my birthday, and a high heel shoe I myself purchased many years ago. If I were to lose any of these I would be devastated because to me they have a special place in my heart and I love wearing them around my neck near to my heart.

But I also have a colored macaroni necklace made for me by my granddaughter last year for Mother’s Day that is equally treasured and priceless in my eyes. She was so excited to give it to me, early that morning at the Seadogs 5K. I luved it and put it on and wore it all day Mother’s Day wherever I went. To me it was priceless.

Which just goes to prove it’s not the dollar amount something costs, it’s really about the giver, the thoughtful gift they made or chose just for you, their joy in giving it, as well as your joy in receiving it.

That’s what makes a gift of jewelry perfect, as well as priceless.

Charming and unique

I love charm jewelry and am always playing around with wire, beads, always wanting to create something new. I designed and brought to life some silver avante’ garde charm holders, each of them are unique even if similar. I find them to be very charming and they look fabulous holding sparkling jewels. You know how much I love sparkles!

I really liked the way they look so I have been creating more of them and using some of them to hold my stamped charms. I love the silver and brass look along with some sparkles and glitzy beads thrown in . Check it out!

I am in a very creative mind set right now.  More unique things coming soon!   Stayed tune!

High Heel Charm Bracelet

As most anyone knows, who know me I love High Heel Shoes. Although my knees are not that fond of them anymore. So I rarely wear them unless I am going to a grand event like a wedding or something.

Today I just posted a gorgeous girlie charm bracelet, it has 3 high heel shoes amidst the glass pearls. It is perfect for the girlie girl, check it out at

Glam Girls Pretties Etsy Shop

Goth Bracelet #2

My second Goth Bracelet now in my Etsy shop, the first one already sold! This one has  skull charms!

Goth Bracelet #1

The first Goth bracelet I made: Now for sale at My Etsy Shop

Unique Charm Bracelets

As I have said before I love charm jewelry. But it seems the chunky bead bursting charm bracelets have not only caught my attention but my heart as well. I love designing unique pieces coordinating the beads with the charm

If you have an adventures style and spirit then you, like me, do not want to wear a piece of jewelry just like everyone else is wearing? I sure don’t. So I guess it comes natural for me to create these bodacious one of a kind bracelets, and jewels. I am very unique myself and have always walked to the beat of my own bongos, so to speak. Never really giving much thought to what my style and tastes were, just choosing different fashion items that I just feel are me.

I will admit I love bold unique jewelry and my creative side is invested wholly heart and soul when I am creating a piece, I love the creative process. I feel jewelry can cause a person to smile, and that is my main goal as I create, to cause a smile or a moment of happy.

I have experienced it myself  when wearing a piece or sassie jewelry just hearing the jingle jangle of a bold charm bracelet or even bangles gives my heart delight and causes my soul a smile.

Check out my bracelets and other glam jewels at:


Charm bracelet Handstamped family names family keepsake

New in my Etsy Shop Go to Glam Girls Pretties to check it out!