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Keepsakes Can Mean So Much

img_3530I love with all my heart all of my precious keepsakes given to me by special family members and fabulous friends. You know keepsakes do not have to be some costly gift to be special to you.

In my studio I have pieces of paper some with just scribbles of crayon or markers, many pictures of me drawn by some of my favorite little people.. Seeing them there makes me smile. I remember the nature of one of my gifts. My grandgirl was about 4 before she could write very well and she made me a Mothers Days card, with her mothers help, that says #G’ma you are a great women!” the best part was she said to her mother that will make G’ma laugh, she knew it would. It still cracks me up when I sew it!

Sweet gifts from my man, items from the heart that reminded him of me, now remind me of him. I love them find it difficult to throw away his beautiful cards.

Sweet gifts from my man, items from the heart that reminded him of me, now remind me of him. I love them some of the smaller ones more than the larger. I find it difficult to throw away his beautiful cards.

I have a set of Christmas Ornaments given to me by one of my closest friends and they mean the world to me, and are one of my prized possessions. Every year when I get them out I smile and think of her and my life at the time she gave them to me. So heart warming!

I have a recent keepsake created and given to me by a sweet redhead of Lucy and Ethel, which represents her and I.

A charm bracelet from my mom and dad.

I think you get the point, but I could continue typing all day. Its not about the cost its about the love that goes into finding just the right item.

I definitely would love everyone to purchase from Glam Girls Pretties, there are many items there that make great keepsakes. But more than that, this holiday season I would love to see people really give heart felt meaningful gifts!




Bon Voyage

cruise shipI miss the cruise ships already!

I never thought I would miss going in to sell to tourists and cruise ship passengers so much. I am missing the social-ness of it.

Seriously I got to meet so many interesting people and got to know and become friends with some awesome artisans.

My new focus will be to concentrate on getting into some shops around the city and possibly elsewhere and of course my Etsy Shop!


For the Love of Charm Jewelry

charm jewelry


I have always loved charm jewelry. I don’t know for some reason hearing the soft jingle of those little charms thrills me, like the sound of a woman’s heels clicking on an empty hallway floor. I know, strange right?? Check out some cool charm jewelry at glamgirlpretties shop on Etsy!!, bring some jingle into a friend’s day or even your own! Wishing you a jingle jangle day!

Giveaway for November at Glam-Girls-Pretties


Giveaway for November. To be eligible for giveaway Please Share my Glam-Girls-Pretties facebook page or purchase an item in my Etsy shop, to be entered into the drawing!!!

One of a Kind; handcrafted silver twisted heart charm holder holds a hand stamped mom charm, and hand wrapped Swarovski birthstones of your choice of course. Drawing will be held on Nov. 30th, you will receive this beautiful necklace just in time to give for holiday gift giving.

Only 66 shopping days until Christmas

christmas-featuredI know you don’t want to hear it, right.? There are only 66 more days until Christmas! You know how quickly it sneaks up on you, it surely does on me. However last year shopped exclusively online and because I did it from home I started earlier and also had it done much earlier, allowing me to really enjoy the whole holiday season a great deal more. I loved sitting down in the evening with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate and browsing unique shops online. Generally you can find what you are looking for somewhere on the vast internet and it totally it beats running from store to store to capture that one thing that Jenny or Jeremy want.

That being said check out Glam Girls Pretties Etsy Shop for a unique gift, maybe a key chain for brother Bill, or a sister key chain for Julie, Mom would love a mothers necklace…..

Happy Shopping!

Unique gift ideas


I don’t know about you but I am a person that enjoys giving unique gifts, when an occassion calls for a gift why not give Something hand stamped. For a newly married couple what would make them smile more than some sort of hand stamped jewelry or accessory that says MR. and Mrs. For a mom a gift with their childrens names. For a gram or papa a hand stamped gift will be love forever cherished. For a teenager get them a cheeky hand stamped piece. For a child get a mother child hand stamped item. Check out my Glam Girls Pretties Shop on Etsy for unique gifts no matter the occassion. These gifts could very well become a favorite gift and maybe even a keepsake.