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Bon Voyage

cruise shipI miss the cruise ships already!

I never thought I would miss going in to sell to tourists and cruise ship passengers so much. I am missing the social-ness of it.

Seriously I got to meet so many interesting people and got to know and become friends with some awesome artisans.

My new focus will be to concentrate on getting into some shops around the city and possibly elsewhere and of course my Etsy Shop!


Giveaway for November at Glam-Girls-Pretties


Giveaway for November. To be eligible for giveaway Please Share my Glam-Girls-Pretties facebook page or purchase an item in my Etsy shop, to be entered into the drawing!!!

One of a Kind; handcrafted silver twisted heart charm holder holds a hand stamped mom charm, and hand wrapped Swarovski birthstones of your choice of course. Drawing will be held on Nov. 30th, you will receive this beautiful necklace just in time to give for holiday gift giving.

Giveaway for October Drawing Results

According to my Random Name Picker @http://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/

The Winner of my Oct GiveaWay is Diane Schuchert, congrats Diane!!


Creating a Shop on Etsy, Post #1

I will be posting with my take on setting up your own Etsy shop! I will share things from my prospective that made a difference.


I love to create, let me discover a  DIY (do it yourself) project I want to make and I am over the moon. I always have a dozen projects going at any one time, as my hubs can attest to. I guess I started creating many years ago primarily out of necessity, because generally creating something myself saved me money. Many crafting days and nights later I was hooked I saw  if I put my mind into it I could create pretty much anything as long as I had a picture or at least a picture in my mind of how I wanted the finished project to look

years ago my daughter had gotten into creating jewelry, one Christmas she gifted me with a container full of beading materials, I soon found myself making bracelets and necklaces, at that point I was hooked. I loved the way I could create something unique, a piece of jewelry that was mine exclusively. I dabbled with many different kinds of jewelry making.

But, I have always loved charm bracelets, there is just something about the way they jingle. In 2010 I purchased a set of metal stamps and some raw brass stamping blanks to make myself a charm bracelet, I loved making them and people seemed to think I should sell them. I had heard of a site called Etsy, where artisans could sell their creations. I liked the sound of that I did a bit of research and decided On somewhat of a whim I would give selling on Etsy a try in  Aug 2010 I opened My Etsy Shop to sell my family charm bracelets. MY thought was if you make it they will come. My shop set idle until Dec 1 2010, when I got my first sale. I was psyched. But did not possess enough wisdom as an Etsy shop owner to realize most generally sales do not come if you do not put the effort into you shop. I soon became bored with my shop, at the time I was working a full time job and just tending my shop as a side hobby.

As jewelry styles evolved I soon found myself moving into larger beads and creating statement necklaces and bracelets. People were always asking me at work about my jewelry and when I said I made it, they would encourage me to sell it. As was beginning to be overrun by my beaded jewelry, obviously I could only wear so much jewelry, without looking like a gypsy. I started thinking about selling my beaded creations online as well.

In 2011 I had 8 sales. . I was disappointed, I had about 2 dozen items in my shop but sales were slow coming in. I continued to just wait for sales doing nothing to promote my shop. By 2012 I was no longer working my 40hr a week job, I started hand stamping again, I loved the idea of creating keepsakes with creations from the heart, I had a new determination, I knew I was on the right path and that really paying attention to my shop, was what made the difference. I decided to focus on my shop on Etsy as my small business and began treating it that way. In 2012, I had 7 sales very disappointing. I had so much to learn. Success does not come quickly.

By January 2013 my perseverance started paying off. I was active on my glamgirlspretties blog, I created a Glam Girl Pretties face book page, I tweeted, I posted on Pinterest, was active in the Etsy forums and kept posting new creations, even though some days I got only a handful of views. I was learning about SEO, key words, and tags, I was seeing that treating my Etsy shop like a small business was making a difference and finally 2013 I had 290 sales, wow I was jumping for joy!! I continued in much the same way and in 2014 my shop took off, I had 1000 sales in 2014, OMG, I was ecstatic.

I am on track to do as well in 2015.

and so my Etsy story began!

Giveaway #2 at Glam Girls Pretties Shop

Giveaway #2 at Glam Girls Pretties Shop: Anyone who makes a purchase at Glam Girls Pretties on Black Friday (Nov 29) will be entered to win this hand stamped Name necklace.Follow Glam Girl Pretties on facebook for information giveaways and  specials and coupon codes etc.


Late night Pink Thursday Sale

Glam Girls Pretties

Follow Glam Girls Pretties on facebook the coupon code will be posted at 10PM to use at Glam Girl Pretties Shop!

Giveaway at Glam Girls Pretties

Giveaway #1 at Glam Girls Pretties: Anyone who makes a purchase at Glam Girls Pretties on Pink Thrusday ( Nov 28 ) will be entered to win this hand stamped mom necklace with birthstones!

Glam Girls Pretties May Give-A-Way

May’s Give-a-way is a lovely shabby chic jewelry stand I created, it will look adorable on your dresser with some of your special gems on it. All who will like during the month of May or all who have liked my page already will be put into this drawing to win. Like my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Glam-Girls-Pretties/12235848448472 to be entered!

Contest Winner For April

Congradulations to Glam Girls Pretties contest winner is Candace Hawkins!! Congrats Candace!!

Glam Girls Pretties Monthly Give-A-Way

I am excited to announce that Glam Girls Pretties will be starting a monthly give-a-way.
All give a ways will be fun unique girly items that I myself have created. It might be a piece of jewelry one month and something pretty to display your jewelry on the next.

This months give-a-way is:

Here’s the contest for April:

Share my Glam Girls Pretties Facebook page with all your friends, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Glam-Girls-Pretties/12235848448472 they must then click the like button (on the right hand side of my page below the bronze heart picture) and write a comment including the name of the person who sent them (You!).  Whomever sends the most new friends my way this month wins……