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Finding the Cure

As many of you know my¬†grandgirl Kaitlyn is 11 years old and has Crohn’s Disease. She was diagnosed in Jan 2016 after a substantial time of illness. Seeing her suffer as this disease ravages her tiny body cuts me to the core. She is my why The cure can not be found soon enough. I have created this key chain in honor of Kaitlyn and will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales to Cure for IBD funding Crohn’s and Colitis Research. This key chain can be ordered in my Etsy shop. www.etsy.com/shop/glamgirlspretties

I believe every sale get us one step closer to a cure. Please help if you can.


Hand stamped and personalized Jewelry

As I said in an earlier post I have decided to get back into my hand stamped jewelry that I first started with on Etsy. I love the whole process creating something from a piece of metal, a stamp and a hammer.

I have a number of my new creations in my Etsy shop. I also am going to be doing personalized jewelry creations. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone whether its a partner, family or friend I can create a unique gift just for them, I also have many already stamped pieces in my Etsy shop.

For my silver jewelry I use only high quality 1100 grade pure aluminum 14 gauge food grade aluminum which is even gentler on your skin than sterling silver. This aluminum will never tarnish or rust and is a viable, less expensive answer to expensive sterling silver jewelry.

Because I personally create each piece myself one hammer whack at a time you are guaranteed a one of a kind unique piece every time.

Within the next week or two I will be creating silver necklaces as well.