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Bon Voyage

cruise shipI miss the cruise ships already!

I never thought I would miss going in to sell to tourists and cruise ship passengers so much. I am missing the social-ness of it.

Seriously I got to meet so many interesting people and got to know and become friends with some awesome artisans.

My new focus will be to concentrate on getting into some shops around the city and possibly elsewhere and of course my Etsy Shop!




imageYesterday I was so excited to sit by the bay with my Maine creations and welcome cruise ship passengers to Maine. The cruise ship was huge! I had an amazing day meeting and chatting to a melting pot of sweet humans. At the end of my long day I was still smiling!

Ahoy Matey

imageimageimagecruise shipI am excited however a bit overwhelmed with a big decision/ commitment I have made to make and sell hand stamped Maine jewelry, and key chains, and even more exciting my target customers being cruise ship passengers. Portland, Maine’s Casco Bay will welcome 79 cruise ships this summer. Obviously it will be a big commitment and my Etsy shop orders will always come first! But, I have to say I am a bit proud of the designs I have come up with, I have created little Maine scenes just using stamps I have and a few I created, adding a few specialty stamps here and there. They are custom designed and created by me, so they are very unique, anyone who has seen them, loves them!


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Inspirational and Self Love pieces @ GlamGirlsPretties

I am excited about my new self love inspirational key chains. It’s amazing how sometimes all we need is something tangible to hold on to, to give us that courage, encouragement or inspiration we need.


Sweet Review

Glam Girls Pretties received this sweet review today. It made my heart smile!

Road race, runners hand stamped key chain, with name of race, date and time of completion, gift for runner, marathon, 10k, 5k,

Perfect gift to celebrate my husbands retirement from the Marine Corps and completing his first Marine Corps Marathon. Thank you for creating this beautiful memento that he can carry as inspiration toward his next goal.

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Giveaway for October Drawing Results

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The Winner of my Oct GiveaWay is Diane Schuchert, congrats Diane!!


WOW, I am still alive and well, honest

Wow I cannot believe that I have not posted on Glam Girls Pretties since Nov.20, 2013. A lot have happened since then.

My Thanksgiving was awesome, November was very good to Glam Girls Pretties very busy and loving every minute of it.

Then December arrived:
With December came my first Present, I came down with a horrific cold. On Sunday Dec 1, I went to Maine Med for horrible pain in my stomach, after ultra sound it turned out it was Gallbladder pain, I have many gallstones. I am trying to control it with my diet and so far have not had another attack.
Then on Dec 5, I was standing on a chair trying to be festive and string some garland around my hutch, thats when it all went ari and over I went with my wrist breaking my fall. That night Because of swelling and pain back to Maine Medical , after painful poking and pressing ( well that was until the doctor told me to stop) SERIOUSLY though and two sets of xrays, finally at 2:30AM I got sprung. Hallalu! nothing broken, but said the DR, sprains can be very painful also, my hand, wrist to my elbow were killer, but I had so many orders to get made and shipped, I am biting a bullet (I mean hammer ) because the show must go on, people are counting on my creations. I am trying to smile, THANKFUL IT WASN’T WORSE.
Early afternoon on Dec 6th, I received a call from a Doctor I had seen last night in the emergency room, she said the radiologist contacted her and told her he had missed a hairline fracture in my elbow. She told me I needed to call an orthopedic surgeon and gave me a name and number. I called and they had me come right over. The doctor showed my x-rays and showed me the fracture.
I told him about my business and that I needed to be able to make jewelry as I have 30+ open orders and many more to come, he said i had a few options, I could continue with the sling for a couple weeks come back and have new x-rays and go from there. Or if needed he would put in in a soft cast. So I opted for the sling. I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks. In the meantime I can be reached in my studio, my arm resting on my table still pounding away and screeching at times!
Glam girl pretties was super busy in Dec, Frankie was even helping me with finishing, packing and shipping.
I pretty much threw my sling in the corner and jumped in elbow deep. When I saw the Dr. 2 weeks later, after painful x-rays, it appeared all was progressing well. I told the doctor I had pretty much not worn the sling and what movements caused it to hurt, His reply was oh it hurts, when you do all the things you were told not to?  lol, “yup” I said. He showed me the x-rays and said it was progressing very nicely and to keep doing what I was doing. I have another appointment and x-rays 1/21/2014.
As of Dec 17th my last bulk shipment went out. Thank you to all my wonderful customers! I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be.
For me Christmas was awesome regardless of my elbow, we had so much fun will all the kids and family and multiple celebrations stretched over that week. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love and take care of me.
Frankie and I went out for New Years and had a fabulous time. Now here we are at Jan 8th 2014 already. Glam Girls orders have been unbelievably steady since Christmas.
Glam Girl Pretties has numerous new pieces and is gearing up for Valentines  Day! Let Glam Girls say what you want to say to your Valentine. Always excited to create a custom piece!