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imageYesterday I was so excited to sit by the bay with my Maine creations and welcome cruise ship passengers to Maine. The cruise ship was huge! I had an amazing day meeting and chatting to a melting pot of sweet humans. At the end of my long day I was still smiling!

Giveaway for November at Glam-Girls-Pretties


Giveaway for November. To be eligible for giveaway Please Share my Glam-Girls-Pretties facebook page or purchase an item in my Etsy shop, to be entered into the drawing!!!

One of a Kind; handcrafted silver twisted heart charm holder holds a hand stamped mom charm, and hand wrapped Swarovski birthstones of your choice of course. Drawing will be held on Nov. 30th, you will receive this beautiful necklace just in time to give for holiday gift giving.

Only 66 shopping days until Christmas

christmas-featuredI know you don’t want to hear it, right.? There are only 66 more days until Christmas! You know how quickly it sneaks up on you, it surely does on me. However last year shopped exclusively online and because I did it from home I started earlier and also had it done much earlier, allowing me to really enjoy the whole holiday season a great deal more. I loved sitting down in the evening with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate and browsing unique shops online. Generally you can find what you are looking for somewhere on the vast internet and it totally it beats running from store to store to capture that one thing that Jenny or Jeremy want.

That being said check out Glam Girls Pretties Etsy Shop for a unique gift, maybe a key chain for brother Bill, or a sister key chain for Julie, Mom would love a mothers necklace…..

Happy Shopping!

Creating a Shop on Etsy, Post #1

I will be posting with my take on setting up your own Etsy shop! I will share things from my prospective that made a difference.


I love to create, let me discover a  DIY (do it yourself) project I want to make and I am over the moon. I always have a dozen projects going at any one time, as my hubs can attest to. I guess I started creating many years ago primarily out of necessity, because generally creating something myself saved me money. Many crafting days and nights later I was hooked I saw  if I put my mind into it I could create pretty much anything as long as I had a picture or at least a picture in my mind of how I wanted the finished project to look

years ago my daughter had gotten into creating jewelry, one Christmas she gifted me with a container full of beading materials, I soon found myself making bracelets and necklaces, at that point I was hooked. I loved the way I could create something unique, a piece of jewelry that was mine exclusively. I dabbled with many different kinds of jewelry making.

But, I have always loved charm bracelets, there is just something about the way they jingle. In 2010 I purchased a set of metal stamps and some raw brass stamping blanks to make myself a charm bracelet, I loved making them and people seemed to think I should sell them. I had heard of a site called Etsy, where artisans could sell their creations. I liked the sound of that I did a bit of research and decided On somewhat of a whim I would give selling on Etsy a try in  Aug 2010 I opened My Etsy Shop to sell my family charm bracelets. MY thought was if you make it they will come. My shop set idle until Dec 1 2010, when I got my first sale. I was psyched. But did not possess enough wisdom as an Etsy shop owner to realize most generally sales do not come if you do not put the effort into you shop. I soon became bored with my shop, at the time I was working a full time job and just tending my shop as a side hobby.

As jewelry styles evolved I soon found myself moving into larger beads and creating statement necklaces and bracelets. People were always asking me at work about my jewelry and when I said I made it, they would encourage me to sell it. As was beginning to be overrun by my beaded jewelry, obviously I could only wear so much jewelry, without looking like a gypsy. I started thinking about selling my beaded creations online as well.

In 2011 I had 8 sales. . I was disappointed, I had about 2 dozen items in my shop but sales were slow coming in. I continued to just wait for sales doing nothing to promote my shop. By 2012 I was no longer working my 40hr a week job, I started hand stamping again, I loved the idea of creating keepsakes with creations from the heart, I had a new determination, I knew I was on the right path and that really paying attention to my shop, was what made the difference. I decided to focus on my shop on Etsy as my small business and began treating it that way. In 2012, I had 7 sales very disappointing. I had so much to learn. Success does not come quickly.

By January 2013 my perseverance started paying off. I was active on my glamgirlspretties blog, I created a Glam Girl Pretties face book page, I tweeted, I posted on Pinterest, was active in the Etsy forums and kept posting new creations, even though some days I got only a handful of views. I was learning about SEO, key words, and tags, I was seeing that treating my Etsy shop like a small business was making a difference and finally 2013 I had 290 sales, wow I was jumping for joy!! I continued in much the same way and in 2014 my shop took off, I had 1000 sales in 2014, OMG, I was ecstatic.

I am on track to do as well in 2015.

and so my Etsy story began!

Spring? Finally! and Weddings…..

1After a long and cold winter, it looks like spring may come to Maine this year after all. Which brings me to my next subject, Gorgeous spring and summer Weddings! Whether you are a bride and looking for gifts for your Matron of honor, Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids or flower girls or the Groom seeking just the right item for your Best Man, Groomsman or ring Barer. I also create many perfect gifts for the Mother of the Bride or Groom or for Father of the bride or groom.

I f you are looking for a special gift to give the bride and groom why not give matching key chains that say Mr. and Mrs. great usable gift with a special memory of their very special day.

Check out my creations at Glam Girls Pretties

Top 12 Reasons Why

Jewelry Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

The Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time of year. Filled with cooler temperatures, holiday festivities and time with family and friends, Christmas marks the largest holiday gift giving time surpassing Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation. With this year’s holiday season officially stared, now is the perfect time to start buying Christmas gifts for family, friends and co-workers. One of the biggest challenges you may face this Christmastime is choosing the perfect gift for those on your list. Jewelry is a top choice for Christmas gifts and rightfully so. Here’s to the top twelve reasons why jewelry makes the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season.

It’s a girl’s best friend – Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, jewelry, in general, is vying for the title as well. Jewelry encompasses a wide range of possibilities. From stylish earrings, gold necklaces and silver chains to popular silver rings, bracelets, watches and yes, even body jewelry, jewelry is a gift that’s bound to delight.

It’s personal – Jewelry is a gift from the heart. Buyers spend countless hours both online and in stores each year searching for the perfect piece of jewelry. Items can be given as is, or if space is available, you can have initials and special messages engraved on a piece making it more personal as well as memorable. The back of pendants and watches as well as ring bands are the ideal place for inscriptions.

It has a “WOW” factor – If you want to woo your girlfriend or boyfriend, then jewelry definitely delivers. Nothing can elicit a ‘wow’ response quicker than a beautiful piece of jewelry. From fashionable Bico cross tags and pendants to stylish rings and bracelets, jewelry makes the perfect Christmas gift for this holiday season.

It has a voice – Not only is jewelry beautiful, it has an inaudible voice. Jewelry can say what you may or may not have the courage to say. “I love you!” “You’re special.” “Will you marry me?” are just a few examples.


It’s the perfect accessory for both men and women – If style is what you’re looking for, jewelry is your answer. A bracelet, choker, pendant, or ring creates a look of sophistication and style second to none.

It’s an emotional and monetary investment – Often buyers see jewelry only as a financial investment but it’s so much more. Giving a gift of jewelry can be emotionally taxing as well. Most buyers spend a considerable amount of time and thought in choosing the perfect piece of men’s or women’s jewelry to give significant others.

It can last forever – Jewelry has given a new meaning to the familiar saying ’til death do us part.’ With tender loving care, jewelry can last for a very long time. In order to preserve the integrity of your jewelry, jewelry should never been worn when taking a bath, swimming or sitting in a hot tub. It’s equally important to remove jewelry when using chemicals and soaps while cleaning inside and outside areas.

It’s appropriate for both males and females – In terms of jewelry, what’s appropriate for women is likewise appropriate for men. Common unisex jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, chains, chokers, pendants and rings. While watches are favored by both men and women, male watches are generally more bulky in style and predominately black, gold or silver in color.

It’s versatile – Many pieces of jewelry such as pendants, silver chains, and fashionable necklaces are versatile allowing buyers to wear them with multiple clothing styles. For example, a simple silver chain with a pewter pendant is a stylish accessory that can be added and looks perfect with any casual, business or formal attire. In short, consider buying jewelry that is multi-purposed.

It’s unique – Today, there are more choices in jewelry styles than ever before. Long gone are the days when shoppers were limited to buying jewelry only in gold or silver. Women’s and men’s jewelry is now available in platinum, titanium, rhodium, pewter and yes, even recycled paper and can tabs have been used to create exquisite jewelry masterpieces. With the only limitation being the designer’s imagination, if done unintentionally, it is rare you will ever see two people wearing the same piece of jewelry.

It’s incredibly affordable – Not only has the quality of men’s and women’s jewelry significantly increased over the years, so has the popularity of fashionable jewelry. With a plethora of online jewelry stores now available including sites such as Etsy.com which features hand-made items, jewelry prices have become competitively lowered. Simply stated: In terms of fashionable jewelry, it is a buyers’ market.

It’s popular – Jewelry has been around for tens of thousands of years with the oldest known jewelry to be 100,000 years old. Original made from bones and animal teeth, the practice of creating jewelry has stood the test of time. With shark teeth necklaces still available, the majority of jewelry today is made from beautiful gemstones, man-made gems, beads, shells and precious metals such as gold, silver and pewter. Although jewelry styles change from time-to-time, jewelry remains a popular choice for Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, birthdays and other special occasions.

Article is from www.menandbeyond.com/

Treasured Memory Charm Jewelry

Do you have a trinket or jewelry box full of items that you never wear, but that are of sentimental value to you either because of how you  received it or because who you received them from and you know you would never toss them out?

I am sure you do I know I did, I happened to be looking through my treasure box of jewelry items,  and I came across a ring I loved, it was the engagement ring, Frankie purchase for me from an estate, after he asked me to marry him. It is a gorgeous princess ring with stones all around the band I had it no time and a stone fell out,  I took it to get it put back in, which they did, but the jeweler then gave me some bad news, the ring should only be worn on special occasions as it was very fragile,  but it was my princess engagement ring and I loved it! I hadn’t thought about it in awhile but now there it was in all its sparkling glory blinking up at me, it made me cry.


It got me thinking and I decided to design a charm treasured memory necklace using my beloved ring and other trinkets and charms. I made it in hot pink, cream and champagne. It came out beautiful and my ring now has a special place front and center on my necklace. My necklace also has other beloved charms such as a heart that says mom, a prayer box charm and a  crystal heart from my daughter, a shell from my beach wedding necklace, a beautiful crystal brooch I loved but could not wear because it was broken, my graduation charms that were from my parents, scissor charm from when I got my state cosmetology license, and a few other little charms, a little dog, a pony, and a good luck charm. Check it out in my Etsy Shop

After creating my own memory necklace  have posted it on ETSY as a model.  I now am taking orders in my Etsy Shop.

My 2nd Treasures necklace I created for my mother in law.

Here is a pix of the jewels she gave me for her necklace and the finished piece below

I love when I am presented with these beloved charms, trinkets and treasures it allows me to use my creativity as I design a unique piece just for them.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2013

I am excited to see crocus peeking up through the ground, to me that is a definiate sign of spring. This AM at about 8:30AM I looked at my thermoneter and the temp was between almost 50, I love it!

But in thinking of spring my attention focused on Mothers Day.

Mothers Day is Sunday, May 12, 2013 will be here before we know it.


My mom is no longer with us but I have fabulous memories of gifts I purchased for her. Sometimes flowers or a plant, books and yes my fav, jewelry! I love receiving jewelry simply because it turns into a lasting memory keepsake. I still have pieces my own daughter gave me years ago and the memories that go with them.


Check out my personalized hand stamped jewelry at https://www.etsy.com/shop/glamgirlspretties its perfect fo mom on her special day, because you can personalize it to exactly the words you want to say.


Tassels for Spring

The other day I found this gorgeous Ann Taylor necklace, and I loved it.

Knowing that  tassels will be a big freakin fashion deal this Spring,2013, I decided with Ann Taylor’s necklace as my inspiration, I would create a tassel necklace of my very own. I created one, then decided to create another. I am thrilled with my creations and I believe they could give Ann Taylor’s creation a run for its money and cost a great deal less than Ann’s. Check out my creations and let me know what you think!

The Gift of Jewelry, a truly magical gift

Why is the gift of jewelry almost always perfect? The list is nearly endless, dating back to the beginning of time. Jewelry has actual worth and has always represented power and wealth and over centuries has acquired symbolism that equates receiving and having jewelry with that of being loved, honored and treasured.

No matter how dazzling the iPhone5 is, it simply does not carry the unspoken meaning of a simple band of gold. History aside, there are some very simple reasons why giving the gift of jewelry will (almost always) be perfect.

First and foremost, jewelry is a gift that can be worn every single day and the metal actually warms to your body temperature, as it is always against your skin. The recipient, can without effort look at or touch the gift as a constant reminder of the sentiment and thus the giver.

Secondly, women love to discuss the gifts they receive and whereas a gift certificate for a spa day is certainly desirable, it will never replace the rush of energy and excitement that runs through her when she can lift her wrist to show off a delicate sprinkle of tiny crystals scattered on a silver or gold bracelet. Women totally love to show-off their gifts!

Lastly, jewelry, lasts.

That iPhone5 will be replaced in a matter of months and even the lavish gift of a new automobile, will in time be traded in.

Jewelry on the other hand is something that you keep, you treasure and often pass on for someone else to fall in love with.

As a final note let me add that cost is rarely the determining factor in just how truly perfect your gift of jewelry is. I have a friend who has a very covet-able collection of fine jewelry and when I asked her what her most treasured piece was, she quickly responded that it was a teeny-tiny sliver of a gold band that her partner gave her with the inscription CTH+TRL. “It literally cost $90 and I never, ever take it off. It gives me a warm smile each time I look at it”, she said.

So unless you know for a fact that the woman in your life is pining away for a new Vitamix or has unabashedly begged you for an I Pad, I personally would suggest the magical gift of jewelry.