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A Sweet Message



I received this message after I had sent her a confirmation of her order! It’s these small moments we need to celebrate, to smile and delight in them. I wrote her back letting her know that I was thrilled to have a small part in her story.


Glam Girls Pretties and Flex Your Face

Glam Girls Pretties is excited to be a part of the Flex Your Face community. I am currently creating Flex Your Face key chains. They can be purchased in my Etsy shop @ glamgirlspretties

flex your face

Keep your eyes open Portland, Maine, there will be Flex Your Face keychains left all around the city for you to find, see if you can find one. If not they are available in my Etsy shop.


Flex Your Face

Flex your face is a Global Community celebrating the small moments in our day that make us smile.


This group was founded by Ryan Espberg, It was only when he worked through some personal darkness in his life that the birth of Flex Your Face was initiated. When he simplified his life and got back to the root of what made him happy, his days got better. He lives and breathes positivity, and passes on that belief to the Flex Your Face community. With the unending goal to inspire through simplicity he is excited to grow and empower the Flex Your Face team every single day. As he says, Ducks Fly Together.

Check out Flex Your Face on  Face Book!

Every Morning at 7AM Ryan or another member of the Flex Team gives a Flex Talk which consists of a short live video meant to get our day started with a health dose of positive energy! As Ryan puts it, He will shoot you out of a cannon!

Check it out! Better yet join the community!

Only 66 shopping days until Christmas

christmas-featuredI know you don’t want to hear it, right.? There are only 66 more days until Christmas! You know how quickly it sneaks up on you, it surely does on me. However last year shopped exclusively online and because I did it from home I started earlier and also had it done much earlier, allowing me to really enjoy the whole holiday season a great deal more. I loved sitting down in the evening with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate and browsing unique shops online. Generally you can find what you are looking for somewhere on the vast internet and it totally it beats running from store to store to capture that one thing that Jenny or Jeremy want.

That being said check out Glam Girls Pretties Etsy Shop for a unique gift, maybe a key chain for brother Bill, or a sister key chain for Julie, Mom would love a mothers necklace…..

Happy Shopping!