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Gearing up for the Holidays!! Pass the Eggnog

Just a quick post to share what I’ve been up to. First of all my Glam Girls Pretties shop is still open on Etsy.

But I have created a second business called Maine Girl Inspired creating Maine Inspired Jewelry and keepsakes. My bestie created a logo for my business after I messaged her a rough idea of what I was looking for. This is what she created for me. small-maine-girlI am so excited for my Maine inspired hand stamped and other creations to take off. My plan is to get my creations into as many shop around the state as I can, as well as hitting the bay next summer, as well.

I am excited to say I am in my first shop. Creative Artisans of Maine, They are having a huge open house today and tomorrow. So many unique creations.maine-inspired1maine-inspired2maine-inspired-4

I am so honored to be in a shop with so many artisans from around our state. What a lot of talented people. I went to my first meet and greet last evening and it was great.

I have 4 craft shows, I am doing 2 Nov 26 Kennebunk Christmas Prelude, Nov 27 Portland Yacht Club, Dec 3 and 4th at Pine and Spruce, and Cheverus.

Add in my glam girl orders and I am going to be one busy girl for the next few months!

Unique Charm Bracelets

As I have said before I love charm jewelry. But it seems the chunky bead bursting charm bracelets have not only caught my attention but my heart as well. I love designing unique pieces coordinating the beads with the charm

If you have an adventures style and spirit then you, like me, do not want to wear a piece of jewelry just like everyone else is wearing? I sure don’t. So I guess it comes natural for me to create these bodacious one of a kind bracelets, and jewels. I am very unique myself and have always walked to the beat of my own bongos, so to speak. Never really giving much thought to what my style and tastes were, just choosing different fashion items that I just feel are me.

I will admit I love bold unique jewelry and my creative side is invested wholly heart and soul when I am creating a piece, I love the creative process. I feel jewelry can cause a person to smile, and that is my main goal as I create, to cause a smile or a moment of happy.

I have experienced it myself  when wearing a piece or sassie jewelry just hearing the jingle jangle of a bold charm bracelet or even bangles gives my heart delight and causes my soul a smile.

Check out my bracelets and other glam jewels at: