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A Sweet Message



I received this message after I had sent her a confirmation of her order! It’s these small moments we need to celebrate, to smile and delight in them. I wrote her back letting her know that I was thrilled to have a small part in her story.


Sunday, Sunday

What a fab day selling my pretties down by the sea shore!




imageYesterday I was so excited to sit by the bay with my Maine creations and welcome cruise ship passengers to Maine. The cruise ship was huge! I had an amazing day meeting and chatting to a melting pot of sweet humans. At the end of my long day I was still smiling!

Cruise Ships on the Horizon

I am so excited to sit down by the bay selling my Maine creations. The cruise ships will be getting larger as we head into fall. On Sunday 8/28 a cruise ship with 5000 passengers, plus crew, will be docking at Ocean Gateway. How incredible that not only do I imageget to sell my Maine creations, I also get to meet so many people. I will be a happy smiling face that represents Maine, gotta do Maine and Portland proud! Besides I love being the unofficial welcoming committee!

If you are out and about come see me!

Ahoy Matey

imageimageimagecruise shipI am excited however a bit overwhelmed with a big decision/ commitment I have made to make and sell hand stamped Maine jewelry, and key chains, and even more exciting my target customers being cruise ship passengers. Portland, Maine’s Casco Bay will welcome 79 cruise ships this summer. Obviously it will be a big commitment and my Etsy shop orders will always come first! But, I have to say I am a bit proud of the designs I have come up with, I have created little Maine scenes just using stamps I have and a few I created, adding a few specialty stamps here and there. They are custom designed and created by me, so they are very unique, anyone who has seen them, loves them!


Zombies Over take Portland, ME

Yes you heard me right Zombies took over Portland last night. We thought all was lost, but all they wanted was to dance. Apparently a dance teacher had a fantasy about dancing to Michael Jacksons “Thriller” in public. She used social media to get find people interested in being in a flash mob. She had an abundance of people wanting to do it. They all learned the dance by watching a video online to perfect their moves. They then got together for a couple practies.

Last nignt people noticed a abudance of Zombies roaming they city, soon they all started to gather in one place, they all froze and then the Thriller music began. They began to move in unison, Zombie Flash mob, how cool! Watch for Yourself!!

Watch the flash mob  Zombie Flash Mob

November Frist Friday Art Walk

Getting ready for my second Art Walk,yes that’s right my jewelry and I are going on an adventure into Portland, should be fun and it looks like it will be relatively nice outside especially for Maine in November. Would love to see you, come out, say hi and who knows maybe you will even get a jump on your Christmas shopping.



Jewelry Tags

Today I am trying to get everything done so when tomorrow afternoon rolls around I am all ready to go to the Art Walk and will be somewhat stress free. Yesterday I made a sign and today I decided instead of purchasing tags for my jewelry I would make some that way they could look the way I envisioned them to look. I reduced my logo, printed them, cut them into little tag size rectangles, strung thick pink quilting thread onto each one, I then  priced and placed them on my jewelry. They look so cute! Because I am a very visual person I have a mock display of my jewelry on the card table I plan to use. Its a very girly display. I think it is pleasing to the  eyes! Check it out,

I hope to see you at the Art Walk! Remember to mention my blog and receive a 10% discount. Also sign up to win a bracelet!

Glam Girls Pretties Sign

I am so excited as I look ahead to Friday to be an involved street artist in Portland’s own First Friday of the month art walk.

Portland is always encouraging  and promoting the artists talent that exists in the Pine Tree state. I loved attending the one last month and from an onlookers point of view visiting the many galleries, checking out the street artists with their creations and even artists dancing, singing  and playing music, I found it all extremely entertaining and delightful.

However this month on this Friday Oct 5th, I will be one of the artists displaying my jewelry that I create. I just designed and made a sign to have on an easel on my table that matches my brand logo!

Please stop by and see me on Friday, mention my blog and receive a 10% discount. Also sign up to win a piece of my jewelry.