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Black Friday and Beyond Sale

Glam Girls Pretties iconSale * Sale * Sale



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I love you more, I love you most

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Late night Pink Thursday Sale

Glam Girls Pretties

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Jewelry Tags

Today I am trying to get everything done so when tomorrow afternoon rolls around I am all ready to go to the Art Walk and will be somewhat stress free. Yesterday I made a sign and today I decided instead of purchasing tags for my jewelry I would make some that way they could look the way I envisioned them to look. I reduced my logo, printed them, cut them into little tag size rectangles, strung thick pink quilting thread onto each one, I then  priced and placed them on my jewelry. They look so cute! Because I am a very visual person I have a mock display of my jewelry on the card table I plan to use. Its a very girly display. I think it is pleasing to the  eyes! Check it out,

I hope to see you at the Art Walk! Remember to mention my blog and receive a 10% discount. Also sign up to win a bracelet!