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A Sweet Message



I received this message after I had sent her a confirmation of her order! It’s these small moments we need to celebrate, to smile and delight in them. I wrote her back letting her know that I was thrilled to have a small part in her story.


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Tassels for Spring

The other day I found this gorgeous Ann Taylor necklace, and I loved it.

Knowing that  tassels will be a big freakin fashion deal this Spring,2013, I decided with Ann Taylor’s necklace as my inspiration, I would create a tassel necklace of my very own. I created one, then decided to create another. I am thrilled with my creations and I believe they could give Ann Taylor’s creation a run for its money and cost a great deal less than Ann’s. Check out my creations and let me know what you think!

Hand stamped and personalized Jewelry

As I said in an earlier post I have decided to get back into my hand stamped jewelry that I first started with on Etsy. I love the whole process creating something from a piece of metal, a stamp and a hammer.

I have a number of my new creations in my Etsy shop. I also am going to be doing personalized jewelry creations. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone whether its a partner, family or friend I can create a unique gift just for them, I also have many already stamped pieces in my Etsy shop.

For my silver jewelry I use only high quality 1100 grade pure aluminum 14 gauge food grade aluminum which is even gentler on your skin than sterling silver. This aluminum will never tarnish or rust and is a viable, less expensive answer to expensive sterling silver jewelry.

Because I personally create each piece myself one hammer whack at a time you are guaranteed a one of a kind unique piece every time.

Within the next week or two I will be creating silver necklaces as well.




Charming and unique

I love charm jewelry and am always playing around with wire, beads, always wanting to create something new. I designed and brought to life some silver avante’ garde charm holders, each of them are unique even if similar. I find them to be very charming and they look fabulous holding sparkling jewels. You know how much I love sparkles!

I really liked the way they look so I have been creating more of them and using some of them to hold my stamped charms. I love the silver and brass look along with some sparkles and glitzy beads thrown in . Check it out!

I am in a very creative mind set right now.  More unique things coming soon!   Stayed tune!

Happy Monday!

Sometimes my weekends are so hectic and busy, this being one of them. I did not get to design any jewelry all weekend. I am so happy Monday is here and I can get back into my work routine this morning.

Its quiet here this morning and I am planning on playing with my beads and jewelry materials to design some unique pieces.

Much of my jewelry are one of a kind pieces.If you have an idea of what you are looking for email or convo me on Etsy to discuss what you are looking for.

I also create jewels for brides and bridal parties.

My newest piece on Glamgirlspretties on Etsy:


Passionate about Pink

New in my Glam Girls Pretties Shop, check it out!

Trendy yet classy! I love this bracelet with all its tutti frutti pinkness,

New Cluster Bracelet in Pink with silver findings

This is a gorgeous bracelet! Now available at my Glam Girls Pretties Shop on Etsy